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Wrangler BBQ Pit

At Wrangler’s BBQ Pit, we believe in true, smoke barbecue. Our smoker was custom-built in Indiana to produce the best local barbecue around. Set over flavorful woods like apple and cherry, we’re cooking all summer long on our open-air pavilion.

We take barbecue seriously, and we do it right. At Wrangler’s we buy all our meat locally, taking fresh cuts of quality meat, fresh ribs, and more, marinating for days to lock in rich flavors before smoking. When it’s time to get cooking, we take it all out to our pavilion where you can watch the slow, delicious smoking process work its magic.

We’re smoking all kinds of tasty items including meats and even breads all summer long. Stop by, enjoy the patio, and try some of Wrangler’s BBQ today!

Open Late Spring thru Early Fall


Prices subject to change without notice.


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205 Carbondale Road
Waymart, PA 18472


Sunday through Thursday 10:30-9:00pm

Friday and Saturday 10:30-10:00pm

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